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Welcome to Elite Family Eye Care

Dr. Norman L. Herskovich • Dry Eye Specialist

5200 North Federal Highway - Suite 4

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


Elite Family Eye Care is a family oriented specialty practice whose primary mission is to help our patients see their sharpest.  In order to understand that this is not just a catch phrase, one must learn to appreciate how new technologies, products and very specific supplements have evolved to help improve and maintain one's most precious vision.

Dr. Norman Herskovich has dedicated his entire professional career to helping his patients see and feel their best.  Every patient seen in our office falls under one of two categories: symptomatic patients (patients who suffer from poor vision and ocular discomfort) and asymptomatic patients, although most patients without symptoms will inevitably convert to the symptomatic type.  This is simply because often times these patients do not seek preventive care.  With our eyes especially, we must treat diseases as early as possible in order to prevent or minimize permanent vision loss. 

Clear, stable vision is not to be taken for granted: It is a function of many parts of your eyes working perfectly in harmony.  When we do not see our best, and when our eyes feel tired and irritated, many factors come into play. Our team collects and analyzes valuable data from multiple components of the eyes.  This is in order to customize our plan of action to make each and every patient have the sharpest and most comfortable vision possible. 

Our definition of a comprehensive annual eye exam goes above and beyond current expectations.  In this most saturated and often misunderstood field, patients are primarily concerned with reaching their optimal vision. However, optimal vision is most often not limited by one's prescription.  Over the past decade, we have discovered two additional critical and modifiable factors that influence vision dramatically. These are the lack of a healthy tear film and the lack of a robust macular pigment layer.  Our office utilizes highly specialized and unique technologies not routinely found in other eye care facilities to assess each of these factors directly.  We do not wait for symptoms.  We treat the underlying disease with various highly effective treatments.  We want each of our patients to acquire and maintain good ocular health and have healthy eyes for a lifetime.

Almost 100% of our asymptomatic patients have issues with the ocular lubrication system found in our eyelids.  Almost 100% of these same patients have macular pigment issues - a condition which if left untreated will lead to permanent vision loss over time.

As for our symptomatic patients, your search is over.  You have found the correct office.  We have the technology, the know-how and arguably the very important secret weapon - the tried-and-true experience to alleviate your dry, painful and persistently irritated eyes.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to experience the latest that both Elite Family Eye Care along with The Dry Eye Center of Florida have to offer in our quest to helping you and your family see and feel your best yet!

Dr. Norman Herskovich   


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